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Playoff Format




The 2013 FCBL playoffs will feature a three-round format consisting of the top six seeds from the regular season. In round one, the top two seeds will receive a bye, and there will be a one game, winner take all play-in between the #3 and #6 seed, and the #4 and #5 seed. Round two will feature a 3-game series between the league’s #1 seed and the lowest seeded winner from round one, and a 3-game series between the league’s #2 seed and the highest seeded winner from round one. The FCBL championship will be determined by a final 3-game series between the two teams who won their semi-final round.


All tie-breakers will be determined as follows:

  1. Head to head record between the tied teams
  2. Best overall winning percentage against the other 5 teams who qualified for the playoffs
  3. Coin Toss

In a three-game series, the higher seed shall have the option to choose whether they want the 1st game at home and the remainder of the series at the opposing team’s home field, or the 1st game at the opposing team’s home field and the remainder of series at home.