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BTTF Podcast S2E6: Nate Tellier

After 27 episodes and 4,000-plus streams prior to and during the summer of 2020, “Back to the Futures: The Official Podcast of the FCBL” is back for a second season!

This week's episode features former Brockton Rox and UMass Dartmouth pitcher Nate Tellier.

Joining hosts Matt Sottile and Owen Shadrick, Tellier discussed how his summer in Brockton helped him sign a professional contract with the Boston Red Sox, getting to play baseball after his senior season at UMass Dartmouth was cut short, and the pride in being a New England D3 talent. We also chat about Nate's experience as a two-way player, his superstitions, and how his biology major has helped him on the mound.

You can subscribe to the podcast on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, SoundCloud and YouTube. New episodes will be released each Monday throughout the offseason.